Tactical MOLLE Medic Symbol Crosses are perfect for your IFAK tear way trauma kit, individual First Aid med pouch, BOB, Emergency packs, and Molle gear.


Tactical MOLLE Medic Symbol Cross. Immediately identify your gear by putting our Molle Medic symbol on your IFAK, first aid kits, backpacks, plate carriers, family uniforms, items in the car, etc. Clearly indicate which bag is needed to deal with the injury when you have a minor trauma or another emergency. Attaching one of these to your, backpack or any other MOLLE system will let you stand out when medical attention is needed.  Great for: Tactical, Preppers, Military, Airsoft…   Made by my son, these 3D printed Medic Patches are made from durable PLA+. Available in Tan, Green and Red.